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Every bride has visual image of what she wants her wedding to look like and the choice of wedding attire is a big part of that! Everything from your bridal gown, to your bridesmaid dresses and groomsman's attire help set tone and style of your big day.

TIP: Browse wedding gowns in bridal magazines and tear out gowns that you like. Assemble this is a notebook and take it with you when you go gown shopping. This will help you find the perfect wedding gown when you visit your local bridal salon.

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Donate Your Wedding Gown : Wondering what to do with your gown AFTER you get married? If you decide not to preserve your gown, why not donate it to a great cause rather than letting it yellow in the attic? Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation uses your donation to help those afflicted "make-a-memory" that will be remembered for a lifetime by those they leave behind.
Choosing the Best Wedding Gown Silhouette

If you are planning to tie the knot, you definitely need a dress with the perfect fit and style for your figure. Selecting the most appropriate silhouette is easy with our online guide!

First, let's take a quick look at the basic gown silhouettes.

1. Princess or A-Line
The typical A-Line silhouette has seams starting at the bust or shoulders and flowing down to a flared skirt. The top of the dress gracefully blends into the skirt. It gets it name from the "A" shape, small at the top and larger (flared) at the bottom.

2. Sheath or Mermaid
This silhouette closely follows the line of your body, hence the nickname "mermaid".

3. Ball Gown
The ball gown silhouette is similar to the A-Line, only it has a much fuller skirt and typically features a full bodice that is distinctly separate from the skirt.

4. Empire
The Empire silhouette is high-waisted and typically has a slimmer skirt. This style is reminiscent of Jackie O.

Now that we know the basic silhouettes, lets take a look at which ones work for each body style.

Hour Glass Figure
Okay, so you've got the figure of Marilyn Monroe or Beyonce' ... you are one lucky girl!

You will look beautiful in ... A nice A-Line gown paired with a v-neck or scoop-neck to fully flatter your figure.

Think twice Empire silhouette which may hide your figure or make it look disporportioned. A ball-gown may work if the skirt isn't overly full, but watch that it doesn't over accentuate your bottom half.

Petite Figure

You will look beautiful in ...
an A-Line gown to elongate your waist and make you appear taller. Since the top of the dress gently blends into the flared skirt, it gives a long and lean look.

Think twice about... a ball gown. The ball gown may simply swallow you whole. You want everyone to see YOU walk down the aisle -- not a big gown with a person hidden in it!

Tall & Thin

You will look beautiful in ... a ball gown. You will look like an absolute Princess walking down the aisle. Also consider a Sheath or Mermaid silhouette - there aren't too many of us who can get away with wearing them. If you've got it, we suggest you flaunt it!

Think twice about... well ... we really can't think of a style that you wouldn't look great in!

Pear Shaped

You will look beautiful in ...
a gown that will draw attention to the upper half of your body. The Silhouette isn't quite as important as the neckline you select. The idea is to flatter your shoulders and chest while drawing focus away from your hips.

Think twice about... the mermaid silhouette ... for obvious reasons.

Plus Size

You will look beautiful in ... a ball gown or A-Line gown. The ball gown is full and will hide many figure problems in the lower areas. An A-Line will flatter practically any figure.

Think twice about... mermaid silhouettes, thin straps, and cap sleeve gowns. Instead, focus on drawing attention to your best features. Consider a scoop or v-neck to flatter your chest and neck.

Choosing the Perfect Neckline

You want to enhance your best features on your big day. Selecting the best neckline to compliment your strengths is easy with this great checklist.

In this article, we present the basic necklines and offer suggestions on who looks the best in them. Remember, these are only guidelines. You should always try on many different styles to determine what looks the best on you!

The most popular necklines are:

  • V-Neck
  • Off the Shoulder
  • Portrait
  • Sweetheart
  • Halter
  • Scoop
  • Jewel
  • Sabrina/Bateau
Just like the name says, the V-neckstyle creates a deep v-shaped cut to flatter and show cleavage. Perfect for showing-off your cleavage if you have a B or C cup size. Reconsider this style if you have an A cup or a D+ cup size.
Off-the-shoulder is quite popular. This neckline rests below the shoulder and typically has sleeves that cover a small part of the upper-arm. Perfect for brides with great shoulders and defined collar bones. This style often flatters full-chested and pear shaped figures. Reconsider this style if you have fuller arms, broad shoulders, or slouched posture.
The Portrait neckline is similar to off-the-shoulder, but it typically has more fabric embellishments. This use of fabric creates a softer scoop from the tip of one shoulder the other and "frames" your chest, neck, and face. Perfect for a pretty upper chest, defined collar bones, fuller arms, and those with longer necks. Reconsider this style if you have undefined collar bones.
The Sweetheart neckline is pretty, delicate, and found on many of the popular styles of gowns. It's distinguishing look is the heart-shaped top. Perfect for larger chests, shorter necks, flattering cleavage and bust. Reconsider this style if you have a smaller chest size.
Halter necklines typically feature straps that wrap around to the back of the neck. It can come with high necks and very deep cut arms holes for a dramatic and sexy look! Perfect for any chest size, broad shoulders, and nice backs. Reconsider this style if you have narrow shoulders, a thick back, or slouched posture.
Scoop necks are reminiscent of the 50s and 60s - something like Jackie O would wear. It's a classic look really looks great on any figure type! Perfect for practically anyone! Reconsider this style if you don't want to draw attention to your chest or neck.
Jewel necklines (also called T-Shirt necklines) are definitely more conservative than any other style. Perfect for the conservative bride and for small chested women who want to look slightly larger. Reconsider this style if: you are already large chested and don't want to look larger!
The Bateau neckline is trendy and classic. It is somewhat off-the-shoulder, but is cut straight and tends to follow the curve of your collar bone. Perfect for: smaller chested brides. Reconsider this style if: you have a larger chest size.
Be Kind to Your Bridesmaids

Okay, so you may have one bridesmaid who is a perfect size 4, but what about the others? You want your bridesmaids to feel confident and beautiful as they walk down the aisle, too! There are so many beautiful gowns for bridesmaids, but before you select one, you should consider the features of the women in your bridal party.

Let's be honest, your tall and lean younger sister may look drop-dead gorgeous in that slim pale-yellow silk gown. But how will the rest of your friends look in it?

Here are some tips to help everyone look and feel their best!

  1. Get online!
  2. To each her own.
  3. Go for the fullest.
  4. Isn't it obvious?

Get Online!
Ask your bridesmaids to go online and look through bridal magazines to find something they might be comfortable wearing. They'll appreciate you giving them the chance to provide input. Some popular bridesmaid gown designers include:

To Each Her Own
Consider allowing each girl to each wear a different style dress. Chances are, you can still get all the dresses in similar (or the same) colors. Many of the new lines allow you to mix and match various styles of tops and skirts! The choices are endless, so take advantage.

Go For The Fullest
If you have a wide-range of figure types in your bridal party and you want them to all wear the same gown, consider selecting the style that will most flatter the fullest figure. The slender girls will look beautiful in anything. The fuller figured girls will appreciate you not putting them in a mermaid silhouette dress.

Isn't It Obvious?
Think about figure flaws that aren't always obvious. For example, do you have someone in your bridal party who suffers from acne? Perhaps she has it on her chest or back and she wouldn't want to show by wearing a backless dress. Maybe one of your maids is self-conscious about flabby upper-arms that are accentuated by long gloves. The list goes on and on... and it may not be a flaw that is obvious to you. They are your friends, so ask them!

Shoes - Possibly the Most Important Choice You'll Make

"I could have danced all night ..."
You definitely won't be singing that tune if your feet hurt!

Selecting the shoes to wear on your wedding day may very well be the most important choice you make. Here are 5 great tips to help ease the pain!

  1. If you are wearing a long gown, it's likely that no one will ever see your feet. Some brides wear ballet slippers, wedding flip flops, or decorated tennis shoes under their gowns.

  2. If you want the added height of a heel, consider a platform style shoe. Your feet are more flat on the platform, but you still have height benefit of the heel.

  3. Shop for your shoes in the Spring, especially around Easter. There's a huge selection of white shoes at most shoe stores in the Spring. With larger selections, you aren't relegated to the "typical" bridal shoe and you have a better chance of finding a comfortable pair.
  1. If you MUST have heels and you just can't stand platform shoes, opt for a wider heel instead of a pointy one. Also, go for an open-toe or square-toe shoe. The wider heel and squared-toe will provide a better foundation for your foot. This is also where a more expensive pair of shoes might pay off. Typically, designer shoes are made with more padding and support for the foot than the cheapies.

  2. Break your shoes in. Wear them around the house and practice dancing in them. Your bridal shoes are going to be like any other new shoes you've bought during the course of your lifetime. How many times have you gotten sore feet and blisters the first time you wore a new pair of shoes? Trust us, your wedding shoes are NO different!

One other quick tip --- try walking in your shoes on a surface similar to the aisle you will be walking down. If the soles are slick, you may want to apply some non-slip pads so you don't fall on your caboose!


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